LMT Tools: Starting from Application, Enhance Application Quality
Interview with Mr. Erwin Geissler, General Manager of LMT China Co., Ltd.

LMT蓝帜金工为CCMT展会观众带来了一系列结合先进应用的刀具解决方案,包括LMT FETTE蓝帜菲特齿轮加工刀具、LMT FETTE蓝帜菲特螺纹滚压系统、LMT螺纹加工刀具和通用加工刀具、专门从事铝材、塑料和复合材料的高速加工的LMT ONSRUD蓝帜昂思路刀具、因挑战加工应用而享有世界级声誉的特殊刀具专业制造商LMT Kieninger蓝帜基宁格的先进刀具和模具刀具等。

LMT Tools has brought a series of tooling solutions combined with advanced applications for audiences of CCMT exhibition, including LMT FETTE gear cutting tools, LMT FETTE rolling system, LMT thread machining tools and general machining tools, LMT ONSRUD cutting tools specializing in high-speed machining of aluminum, plastic and composite materials, advanced cutting tools of LMT KIENINGER, a specialist manufacturer of specialized tools and Mould & Die tools enjoying a world-class reputation for challenging machining application.

LMT China总经理盖欧文先生表示,与市场上其它供应商不同的是,蓝帜金工从应用需求出发,为客户开发刀具解决方案。如配备于宝马新型全系列车型的采埃孚8HP八档自动变速箱,其加工采用了蓝帜金工的多款刀具,如:Chamfer cutter tool system齿轮滚削、倒角一体刀具系统,SpeedCore hobs速切王齿轮滚刀,蓝帜基宁格生产的FEED-JET 金刚石面铣刀,蓝帜贝林生产的整体式PCD成型刀(或镗刀),蓝帜贝林生产的导条式精铰刀,蓝帜菲特生产的挤压丝锥。

Mr. Erwin Geissler, General Manager of LMT China, said that unlike other suppliers on the market, LMT Tools develops tool solutions for customers starting from the application demand. For example, the ZF 8HP transmission equipped on full range of BMW new models, which uses many cutting tools of LMT Tools in the machining, such as Chamfer cutter tool system, Mono block tooling system for gear hobbing and chamfering, SpeedCore hobs, Feed-Jet, Mono block PCD forming (or boring) tools, Guide pad reaming, and forming tap.

LMT FETTE蓝帜菲特的Chamfer cutter tool system齿轮滚削、倒角一体刀具系统,不仅帮助将齿轮加工精度最高达到IT6-7级,而且与传统工艺相比,提高了30%的倒角加工效率,并省去了倒角机,大幅降低了投资和生产成本。本着从应用出发的产品开发思路,蓝帜金工的刀具被广泛用于航空航天、汽车、风电、医疗、军工、通用设备加工、石油管道、矿业等行业,并且在市场增速变缓、很多企业业务有所萎缩的形势下,依然取得了增长。

LMT FETTE Chamfer cutter tool system for gear hobbing and chamfering not only helps to improve the gear precision up to IT6-7 class, but also has increased the efficiency of chamfering by 30% compared with the traditional machining, and saves the chamfering machine, significantly reducing the investment and production costs. In line with the product development idea starting from the application, the cutting tools of LMT Tools are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, wind power, medicine, military, general equipment machining, oil pipelines, mining and other industries, and remains growth under the circumstances that the market growth is slowing down and the business of many companies is shrinking.


Mr. Erwin Geissler said, “Many people are saying that the automotive market has declined, as they can only provide tooling products adapting to simple machining. In fact, high-end applications in the automotive market are growing, and LMT tools can work closely with automobile manufacturers from new models development to whole project operation, becoming their consultant and partner for tool products and applications.”


He believes that the market demand is constantly changing, with further development of industry 4.0, automation, 3D printing, electron mobility, high-speed and efficient metal machining, the sooner companies can have an insight into market trends and get ready, the more they can seize the market. In future, there will be a demand to equip each tool with RFID-chips, so that each tool has its own identity and usage history record, being available for more scientific and efficient management and use.